New DMRG publications!

DMRG recently published three new papers. These papers can be found via the links below.

Sparks LM, Gemmink A, Phielix E, Bosma M, Schaart G, Moonen-Kornips E, Jörgensen JA, Nascimento EB, Hesselink MK, Schrauwen P, Hoeks J. ANT1-mediated fatty acid-induced uncoupling as a target for improving myocellular insulin sensitivity. Diabetologia, in press, 2016.

Lindeboom L, Bruls YM, van Ewijk PA, Hesselink MK, Wildberger JE, Schrauwen P, Schrauwen-Hinderling VB. Longitudinal relaxation time editing for acetylcarnitine detection with 1 H-MRS. Magn Reson Med, in press, 2016.

Gemmink A, Bosma M, Kuijpers HJ, Hoeks J, Schaart G, van Zandvoort MA, Schrauwen P, Hesselink MK. Decoration of intramyocellular lipid droplets with PLIN5 modulates fasting-induced insulin resistance and lipotoxicity in humans. Diabetologia, in press, 2016.