Evi Koene

Evi Koene was born on May 13th 1998 in Sittard. In 2016 she started her bachelor Biomedical Sciences in Maastricht. During her bachelor thesis she focused on the association between the habitual diet and tissue specific insulin resistance in overweight individuals. After obtaining her bachelor degree she continued with the master Biomedical Sciences in Maastricht, specializing in nutrition, physical activity and metabolism. As part of her first year internship, she wrote a systematic review about sex differences in the effects of dietary fibers on glucose homeostasis in adults with overweight and impaired glucose homeostasis. During her second year internship she focused on the effects of aldehydes on the molecular regulation of mitochondrial function in airway epithelial cells.

In December 2021 she started her PhD at the department of Nutrition and Movement Sciences under supervision of Prof. Patrick Schrauwen, Dr. Vera Schrauwen and Prof. Martijn Brouwers. During her PhD, Evi is going to focus on fructose metabolism. In the current project, she is going to look at the effect of ketohexokinase inhibition on hepatic insulin sensitivity in people with NAFLD.