Ivo Habets

Ivo Habets was born on 25th of August 1998 in Maastricht. During his bachelor Biomedical Sciences in Maastricht, he did an internship at the department of Nutrition and Movement sciences, and wrote his thesis called: ‘Microscopic imaging of lipid droplets in human muscle tissue of athletic and sedentary subjects’. After he obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2019, he started the master Biomedical Sciences with a specialization in Nutrition, Physical activity and Metabolism and graduated in 2021. His first internship of the master was performed at the department of Bioinformatics where he focused on changes in mitochondrial related gene expression in brain tissue by either physical activity or an exercise mimetic. In his second year of the master, he joined the professional cycling team DSM for his internship, and wrote his senior thesis called: ‘Modelling of lab test data to predict outdoor performance in highly trained cyclists’.

In April 2022, he joined the Diabetes and Metabolism Research group to perform his PhD research on improving the 24-hour metabolism and glucose homeostasis in people at risk for type 2 diabetes by timing of lifestyle interventions. His supervisors will be Prof. Patrick Schrauwen and Dr. Joris Hoeks.