New review on ectopic lipid deposition in muscle and liver is now online

The article from our former colleague Vera de Wit is now online available and will be published in Obesity with the following title: “The tissue-specific metabolic effects of the PPARα agonist ciprofibrate in insulin-resistant male individuals: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled crossover study”. The full article can be found here: Read the abstract below.


Advances in the development of noninvasive imaging techniques have spurred investigations into ectopic lipid deposition in the liver and muscle and its implications in the development of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Computed tomography and ultrasound have been applied in the past, though magnetic resonance-based methods are currently considered the gold standard as they allow more accurate quantitative detection of ectopic lipid stores. This review focuses on methodological considerations of magnetic resonance-based methods to image hepatic and muscle fat fractions, and it emphasizes anatomical and morphological aspects and how these may influence data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation.