Kay Roumans

Kay started his study Biomedical sciences at Maastricht University in 2010. During his master he performed internships at the department of Human Biology under supervision of Prof. Wouter van Marken-Lichtenbelt, investigating the effect of bile acid supplementation on brown adipose tissue activity and energy expenditure, and Prof. Patrick Schrauwen, studying the relation between skeletal muscle mitochondrial function and hepatic lipid accumulation in people with compromised metabolic health. In 2015 he completed his master in Biomedical sciences, with a specialization in Nutrition and Metabolism.

In July 2016, he started his PhD in our research group. Kay focusses on the determinants of liver fat and its relation to insulin sensitivity by applying magnetic resonance spectroscopy and stable isotope techniques. Specifically, he is performing human studies investigating the relationship between hepatic lipid composition, insulin sensitivity and de novo lipogenesis and furthermore studies the role of hepatic glycogen content, de novo lipogenesis and hepatic fat oxidation in determining liver fat.