Marit Kotte

Marit Kotte was born on June 18th 1996 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. After moving to Dordrecht and Vlaardingen, she returned to Utrecht to study Biomedical Sciences at Utrecht University. In 2018, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree and continued with the Master’s program Biology of Disease at the Graduate School of Life Sciences, also at Utrecht University. During her Master’s, she did an internship in the lab of Mitchell Lazar at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA. During this internship, she was involved in translational research focusing on the role of hypothalamic REV-ERB’s in circadian rhythms and metabolism. This internship sparked her interest for these two topics and their connection, and made her want to pursue this field of research for her PhD. In September 2021, she started her PhD under supervision of Patrick Schrauwen and Joris Hoeks, conducting clinical research in the field of circadian rhythms and metabolism.