EFSD grant for Jan-Frieder Harmsen

Congratulations to our colleague Jan-Frieder Harmsen who secured a grant of the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (E

FSD)! The project will focus on circadian rhythm and will build further on the previous day-night rhythm studies performed by our group. These studies revealed that pre-diabetes volunteers lack day-night rhythmicity in mitochondrial function and in 24h substrate metabolism in contrast to young healthy individuals. Moreover, the endogenous molecular clock in skeletal muscle displayed altered gene expression patterns. In the new study, our circadian team will investigate if exercise training restores day-night rhythmicity in skeletal muscle clock gene expression, mitochondrial function and overall substrate metabolism in pre-diabetes. Whereas it is well-established that exercise improves insulin sensitivity, the capability of exercise to restore/amplify 24h rhythmicity of the molecular biological clock, mitochondrial function and 24h substrate metabolism in humans is completely unknown.