EASD – Presentation by Yvonne Bruls

During the virtual EASD meeting, Yvonne Bruls presented her work on carnitine supplementation in type 2 diabetes patients. The key messages of this presentation were that:

  1. Three months carnitine supplementation (2970 mg/day) increased plasma free carnitine availability in type 2 diabetes patients
  2. Carnitine supplementation increased resting skeletal muscle acetylcarnitine concentrations and the capacity to form acetylcarnitine with exercise, probably reflecting elevated free carnitine availability in muscle tissue
  3. A pronounced increase in peripheral insulin sensitivity was shown with changed non-oxidative glucose disposal (NOGD) underlying the improvement
  4. Hepatic insulin sensitivity improved while intrahepatic lipid content tended to decrease after supplementation with carnitine
  5. Fasting plasma glucose levels tended to reduce, indicating better glucose homeostasis in type 2 diabetes patient after carnitine supplementation