Marlies de Ligt

Marlies de Ligt studied Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University. During her master she did an internship at Otago University, New Zealand, at the department of Human Nutrition. Her project entailed investigating the relationship between obesity and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption on epidemiological level as well as in a clinical setting. After her internship she completed her master at the department of Nutrition and Pharmacology, Wageningen University. Her final master’s thesis was about identifying changes in key pathways associated with cancer cachexia, in a murine cancer model. In May 2013, Marlies de Ligt received her MSc degree in Nutrition and Health, with the specialisation Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology. In August of that same year, she started her PhD research at the department of Human Biology at Maastricht University. The focus of her PhD is on effects of the food supplement resveratrol on metabolic health in a clinical setting. Her research specifically targets on effects of resveratrol supplementation on insulin resistance, mitochondrial function, energy metabolism and hepatic lipid accumulation in people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. During the first year of her PhD, she published an article in Het Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fytotherapie and published a review in BBA Molecular Basis of Disease.