Emmani Nascimento

Dr. Emmani Nascimento (1981) earned a MSc in Biopharmaceutical Sciences from Leiden University in 2004. Subsequently he joined the department of Molecular Cell Biology to start his PhD project under supervision of professor Margriet Ouwens, professor Peter ten Dijke and professor Ton Maassen. In 2010 Dr. Nascimento received his PhD from Leiden university for the thesis “The role of proline-rich protein kinase B substrate of 40 kDa) PRAS40 in insulin action”. The focus of the PhD research was on unraveling molecular mechanisms and signal transduction proteins involved in insulin action. During this PhD project PRAS40 was identified as a protein kinase B substrate being activated after insulin in skeletal muscle, adipose tissue and liver. In 2009 Dr. Nascimento joined the section of Integratieve Physiology of professor Juleen Zierath and professor Anna Krook in Stockholm at Karolinska Institutet. During this post-doctoral period the research focus was on skeletal muscle insulin resistance and obesity. By using a combination of in vivo models and in vitro molecular mechanisms, novel targets were identified in order to treat, prevent and better understand skeletal muscle insulin resistance. In 2013, Dr. Nascimento joined the department of Human Biology at Maastricht University to further work on insulin resistance and obesity. By joining forces with professor Patrick Schrauwen and professor Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt, the research focus is on brown adipose tissue and it’s role in human insulin resistance and obesity. Dr. Nascimento received a pilot grant from the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation to further explore brown adipose tissue metabolism using an in vitro model.