Kay Roumans

Kay started his study Biomedical sciences at Maastricht University in 2010. During his bachelor, he chose to do a major in Biological health sciences. In the first year of his master’s program he performed an internship at the department of Human Biology within the group of Wouter van Marken-Lichtenbelt, where he investigated the effect of bile acid supplementation on brown adipose tissue activity and energy expenditure. In the second year of his master he performed an internship under supervision of Patrick Schrauwen, which resulted in a master thesis on the relation between skeletal muscle mitochondrial function and hepatic lipid accumulation in people with compromised metabolic health. In 2015 he completed his master Biomedical sciences, with a specialization in Nutrition and Metabolism. Kay recently started working as a research assistant in the group of Wouter van Marken-Lichtenbelt, studying the effect of cold acclimation on insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular risk parameters in type 2 diabetic patients. From July 2016 onward Kay will join the DMRG as a PhD student.