Dirk van Moorsel

Dirk van MoorselDirk van Moorsel was born in 1987 in Deurne, The Netherlands. He started his study in Medicine at Maastricht University in 2005 and graduated in 2011 with a special focus on internal medicine. Parts of his internships were performed in Bogotá, Colombia and in Syracuse, New York, United States of America. The scientific program of his Medicine Study was performed at the Hemato-immunology department of Maastricht University, where his research focused on Natural Killer Cell treatment for breast cancer.

After his medicine study, Dirk worked for eight months as an MD in the clinical care at the internal medicine department of the Orbis Medical Center in Sittard, The Netherlands. In June 2012 he started as a PhD candidate at the department of Endocrinology, Internal Medicine at the Maastricht University Medical Center. Here, he coordinated a study evaluating the effect of Liraglutide and decreasing sedentary behavior on long-term glucose management in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus. Later, his research focused on cardiovascular and metabolic effects of common polymorphisms (genetic variants) in the glucocorticoid (stress hormone) receptor. He presented this work at the Annual Dutch Diabetes Research Meeting 2013 (NVDO), at the Dutch Endocrine Meeting 2014 (NVE) and at the ICE / Endocrine Society Congress 2014 in Chicago.

At the end of 2013, Dirk also joined the research group of Professor Schrauwen and Professor Hesselink at the department of Human Biology, resulting in the first shared PhD trail between the Endocrinology department and the Human Biology department. Here, his new research project focuses on day-night rhythms and circadian rhythms in the human metabolism; an important cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus amongst shift workers and individuals not adhering to a regular sleep-wake rhythm or regular eating times. Besides this, Dirk is involved in the medical supervision and medical skills in other research projects.