Stephanie Huysmans

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Stephanie Huysmans was born on the 13th of August in 1991 and grew up in Eijsden. In 2012, she finished her bachelor Health Sciences at the Maastricht University, with a specialization in Movement Sciences and Biological Health Sciences. Her bachelor’s thesis was “The musician as (in)active athlete?: Exploring the association between physical activity and musculoskeletal complaints in music students”. During her master’s thesis, she investigated sex differences in gait, comparing accelerometer count values in men and women undergoing a standardized 6-minute walk test.

After completing her master’s degree in Biology of Human Performance and Health in 2013, she started working at The Maastricht Study as a research assistant. In 2015, she joined the department of Pulmonology and was involved in several clinical studies, for example nitrate and resveratrol supplementation in patients with COPD, brown adipose tissue activity measured with PET-MRI in (non-)cachectic COPD, lung- and pancreatic cancer patients and the international SPRINTT project: Sarcopenia & Physical fRailty IN older people, multi-componenT Treatment strategies. In the summer of 2017, she started working for BioActor as a clinical researcher, looking into the effect of orange zest supplementation on physical performance. Since April 2018, she is active in the Diabetes and Metabolism Research Group as project manager for multiple (international) projects.

Next to her work as project manager, she is also a researcger at the department of Orthopedics, focussing on 3D gait analysis in patients undergoing spondylodeses and the effect of dynamic bracing in patient with recent osteoporotic vertebra fractures.