Mariëtte Boon

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Dr. Mariëtte Boon (1988) studied Medicine and Biomedical sciences at Leiden University and received her MSc degree in 2011. Early during her study, she became fascinated by the disadvantageous metabolic phenotype of the South Asian population. Therefore, she joined the research group of prof. Patrick Rensen of the department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases in the LUMC and showed that a disturbed metabolism and markers of endothelial dysfunction are already present in the South Asian population as early as at birth. She performed her master thesis also in the group of prof Rensen and investigated the effect of the growth factor BMP7 in the development of brown adipose tissue. Next, she received a personal grant by the Board of Directors of the LUMC as well as a pilot study grant of the Diabetes Foundation and started her PhD ‘Turning op the heat: role of brown adipose tissue in metabolic disease’ in August 2011, under supervision of prof Patrick Rensen and dr Ingrid Jazet, which she defended successfully in 2014 (cum laude). Since March 2014, Mariëtte is appointed as post-doctoral researcher at both the department of Endocrinology (LUMC, Leiden)  and within the department of Human Biology (Maastricht University) via a personal Rubicon grant awarded by the NWO. She researched brown adipose tissue and investigated the effect of enhancing nitric oxide bioavailability on brown adipose tissue activation, energy expenditure and thermoregulation in human subjects and human brown adipocytes.