Dennis Dahlmans

Dennis DahlmansA recent profile can be found on LinkedIn:

Dennis Dahlmans was born on December 7th 1988 in Brunssum, The Netherlands. He started his study Biomedical science at the free university of Amsterdam in 2007 and finished his research master at the university of Maastricht in 2012, specializing in Nutrition and metabolism.

His work in the research group of prof. Schrauwen started as a senior internship during the final year of his master education. After this internship Dennis received an Albert Renold travel fellowship to start a pilot study in collaboration with the research group of prof. Auwerx at the EPFL in Switzerland, where he stayed for half a year. Subsequently, using the results of this pilot study, Dennis obtained a Kootstra talent fellowship that enabled him to continue the study, which resulted in a PhD position at the research group of Prof. Schrauwen under the supervision of dr. Joris Hoeks.

His main fields of interest are metabolic disturbances such as type-2 diabetes and the relationship of mitochondrial dysfunction and insulin sensitivity. Dennis is currently investigating the role of microRNAs on skeletal muscle mitochondrial capacity with the focus on type-2 diabetes mellitus.