Horizontal living – day 5

Yiyun Chen started her 30 days in bed. A challenge, not only physically but also mentally. Finding a comfortable position is starting to get more difficult and cooking, which she normally does not enjoy that much, is starting to become a welcome intermezzo from lying down. Watch the interview with Yiyun and Patrick Schrauwen here (in Dutch) or follow Yiyuns experiences on instagram.

The BAD Award is an annual international competition that aims to stimulate artists and designers to experiment with bio-art and bio-design, so as to push the boundaries of art and science. The prize was awarded in May this year by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), ZonMw, kunstruimte MU and BioArt Laboratories. Vera and Patrick Schrauwen are the winners of the BAD Award with artist Yiyun Chen. The project is called “horizontal living” and aims to raise awareness for the potential negative health effects that physical inactivity has, and for the factors – such as cold exposure, exercise, diet, light, sleep – that can be used to prevent or limit such negative consequences.